ARSLab Publications

Publications in 2020
61- "A Framework for the Extension of DEVS With Sensor Fusion Capabilities", Joseph Boi-Ukeme, Gabriel A. Wainer, 2020 Spring Simulation Conference (SpringSim), Fairfax, VA, USA - 2020 A_Framework_for_the_Extension_of_DE.pdf

62- "A Model Library For Finite State Machines In Cadmium", Amitav Shaw, Arshpreet Singh, Gabriel A. Wainer, 2020 Spring Simulation Conference (SpringSim), Fairfax, VA, USA - 2020 A_Model_Library_for_Finite_State_Machines_in_Cadmium.pdf

64- "Cell-DEVS for Social Phenomena Modeling", Hoda Khalil, Gabriel A. Wainer, IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems, Volume 7, Number 3, page 725 - 740 - 2020 Cell-DEVS_for_Social_Phenomena_Modeling.pdf

65- "Cell-DEVS Models for CO2 Sensors Locations in Closed Spaces", Hoda Khalil, Gabriel A. Wainer, Zachary Dunnigan, 2020 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC) - 2020 Cell-DEVS-Models-for-CO2-Sensors-Locations-in-Closed-Spaces.pdf

67- "Designing real-time systems using imprecise discrete-event system specifications", Mohammad Moallemi, Gabriel A. Wainer, Software, Practice and Experience (Wiley), Volume 50, Number 8, page 1327-1344 - 2020 SPE2831.pdf

68- "Development of a Real-Time DEVS Kernel RT-Cadmium", Ben Earle, Gabriel A. Wainer, Cristina Ruiz-Martin, 2020 Spring Simulation Conference (SpringSim), Fairfax, VA, USA - 2020 Development_of_A_Real-Time_D.pdf

72- "Fog and Cloud Collaboration to Perform Virtual Simulation Experiments", Khaldoon Al-Zoubi, Gabriel A. Wainer, Simulation, Practice and Experience (Elsevier), Volume 105, page 1-25 - 2020 Fog and Cloud Collabor.pdf

74- "Modeling Carbon Dioxide Dispersion Indoors: A Cell-DEVS Experiment", Hoda Khalil, Gabriel A. Wainer, Cellular Automata: 14th International Conference on Cellular Automata for Research and Industry, ACRI 2020, Lodz, Poland, December 2–4, 2020, Proceedings, page 226–236 - 2020

75- "Parallel Execution of DEVS in Shared-Memory Multicore Architectures", Juan Lanuza, Guillermo Trabes, Gabriel A. Wainer, 2020 Spring Simulation Conference (SpringSim), Fairfax, VA, USA - 2020 Parallel_Execution_of_DEVS_in_Shared-Memory_Multicore_Architectures.pdf

76- "Proceedings of the Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design", Angelos Chronis, Gabriel Wurzer, Wolfgang E. Lorenz, Christiane M. Herr, Ulrich Pont, Gabriel A. Wainer, 2020

78- "Real-Time Fault Detection and Diagnosis of CPS Faults in DEVS", Joseph Boi-Ukeme, Cristina Ruiz-Martin, Gabriel A. Wainer, 2020 IEEE 6th International Conference on Dependability in Sensor, Cloud and Big Data Systems and Application (DependSys), Nadi, Fiji - 2020 Real-Time_Fault_Detection_and_.pdf

79- "RSSI-based Indoor Localization with LTE-A Ultra-Dense Networks", Ala'a Al-Habashna, Gabriel A. Wainer, 2020 The International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems, Madrid, Spain - 2020 RSSI-based Indoor L.pdf

80- "Strategic Airlift Operationalizing Constructive Simulations", Rob Barwell, Gabriel A. Wainer, 2020 Spring Simulation Conference (SpringSim), Fairfax, VA, USA - 2020 STRATEGIC.pdf

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