Music Generation Using Cellular Models

Heather Morris, Gabriel A. Wainer
Proceedings of 2012 Spring Simulation Conference (SpringSim12), DEVS/TMS Symposium, page TBD, Orlando, FL - March 2012
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Music is often thought to be created from a person influenced by some kind of inspiration. These influences give the composer the power to create beautiful sounding music. This leads to the belief that only humans can create beautiful music because of the feelings that are required in its composition. However, the basis of music is an organization of sound frequencies, timed in a certain manner. Also, there is a certain range and values of frequencies used in the creation of music. This implies that there are a discrete number of frequencies that can be used. Since music is also time-based, it can be extrapolated that there is possibly a model for the musical system, which will determine the frequencies to be played. This model could be described as a discrete-event system because of the organization of frequencies. This paper discusses a method for automated creation of music using cellular models. Several cellular models have been shown to have similar patterns to that of musical structures. We will discuss the patterns embedded in the game of life, as proposed by Conway. A complex mapping technique will be employed to extract the layers of musical composition. This mapping technique will use a top to bottom approach, where the highest musical structure will determine the lower structures.
Category: Cellular Modeling Techniques
Booktitle: Proceedings of 2012 Spring Simulation Conference (SpringSim12), DEVS/TMS Symposium
Pages : TBD
Month : March
Year : 2012
Publisher: ACM
Organization: Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS)
Address : Orlando, FL

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