A System-On-Chip FPGA Implementation of Embedded CD++

Proceedings of Springsim 2009, San Diego, CA, USA - March 2009
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The development of embedded systems with real-time constraints has been rapidly advancing in the last 20 years. Most existing methods are still hard to scale up for large systems, or they require expensive testing efforts. Embedded CD++ is a software toolkit that uses model-driven method to develop this kind of applications based on DEVS, a formal technique originally created for modeling and simulation of discrete event systems. Embedded CD++ is a framework to incrementally develop embedded applications, and to seamlessly integrate simulation models with hardware components. We have deployed this tool on a Virtex2 pro FPGA board and made use of different components of an FPGA device to upgrade the hardware control and simulation capabilities of this toolkit. The process of deployment and also execution of a case study control model will be explained in detail.

Category: Real-Time Systems; Real-Time Simulation
2nd Category: Tools
Keywords: embedded CD++, DEVS, real-time, FPGA, robot, hardware-in-the-loop, embedded systems
Booktitle: Proceedings of Springsim 2009
Series : Annual Conference Series
Month : March
Year : 2009
Publisher: ACM Press
Organization: SCS (Society For Modeling and Simulation International)
Address : San Diego, CA, USA
URL: http://cell-devs-02.sce.carleton.ca/publications/2009/MW09

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