Nicolescu's Publications with ARSLab

Publications in 2009
1- "Hybrid Modeling of Opto-Electrical Interfaces Using DEVS and Modelica", Victorino Sanz, Shafagh Jafer, Gabriel A. Wainer, Gabriela Nicolescu, Alfonso Urquia, Sebastian Dormido, Springsim 2009 conference proceeding (DEVS Symposium), San Diego, CA, USA - Mar 2009 09SPRING-DEVS-05.pdf
Publications in 2007
2- "Towards the High-Level Design of Optical Networks-on-Chip. Formalization of Opto-Electrical Interfaces", M. Biere, Luiza Gheorghe, Ian O'Connor, Gabriel A. Wainer, Gabriela Nicolescu, Proceedings of 14th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems, page 11--14, Marrakesh, Morocco - December 2007 04511021.pdf

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