Pearce's Publications with ARSLab

Publications in 2004
1- "HLA to simulate computer systems at the hardware platform level", Trevor Pearce, Amir Saghir, Gabriel A. Wainer, Proceedings of SISO Fall Interoperability Workshop, Orlando, FL. U.S.A - 2004 SIW04-HW.pdf

2- "Modeling Computer Hardware Platforms using DEVS and HLA simulation", Amir Saghir, Trevor Pearce, Gabriel A. Wainer, Proceedings of the 2004 Summer Computer Simulation Conference, San Jose, CA - 2004 SCSC04-HW.pdf
Publications in 2003
3- "Hardware In The Loop Simulation Using Real-Time CD++", Lidan Li, Gabriel A. Wainer, Trevor Pearce, Proceedings of the Industrial Simulation Symposium, Valencia, Spain - October 2003 ISC03RTDEVS.pdf

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