Khan's Publications with ARSLab

Publications in 2018
Publications in 2017
2- "Multiscale Representation of Simulated Time", Rhys Goldstein, Azam Khan, Olivier Dalle, Gabriel A. Wainer, Simulation: Transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International, Volume 94, Number 6, page 519-558 - Sept 2017 0037549717726868.pdf
Publications in 2014
3- "Computational Fluid Dynamic Cell-DEVS M&S of Coronary Heart Disease", Michael Van Schyndel, Gabriel A. Wainer, Azam Khan, Rhys Goldstein, Proceedings of Summer Computer Simulation Conference 2014, Monterey, CA - 2014 p6.pdf

4- "On the Definition of a Computational Fluid Dynamic Solver using Cellular Discrete-Event Simulation", Michael Van Schyndel, Gabriel A. Wainer, Rhys Goldstein, J Mogk, Azam Khan, Journal of Computational Science. Elsevier, Volume 5, Number 6, page 882-890 - Accepted: May 2014 j5.pdf
Publications in 2013
5- "Solutions for Scalability in Building Information Modeling and Simulation-Based Design", Sixuan Wang, Gabriel A. Wainer, Rhys Goldstein, Azam Khan, Proceedings of the SCS/ACM Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design, page 7, San Diego, CA - April 2013 p12-WWGK13.pdf

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