Zeigler's Publications with ARSLab

Publications in 2010

2- "Applying Cellular Automata and DEVS Methodologies to Digital Games: A Survey", Gabriel A. Wainer, Qi Liu, Olivier Dalle, Bernard P. Zeigler, Simulation and Gaming. Sage Publishers, Volume 41, Number 6, page 796-823 - dec 2010 j10-WLDZ10.pdf

Publications in 2008
Publications in 2006
6- "An experiment on the interoperability of DEVS implementations", Stephen Lombardi, Gabriel A. Wainer, Bernard P. Zeigler, Proceedings of SISO Fall Interoperability Workshop, Huntsville, AL. U.S.A - 2006 SIW06-Interop.pdf
Publications in 2000
7- "Experimental results of Timed Cell-DEVS quantization", Gabriel A. Wainer, Bernard P. Zeigler, Proceedings of AIS Artificial Intelligence, Simulation and Planning, Tucson, AZ. USA. - 2000 AISquant.pdf

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