Boi-Ukeme's Publications with ARSLab

Publications in 2023
Publications in 2022

Publications in 2021
4- "A Workflow For Data-Driven Fault Detection and Diagnosis In Buildings", Joseph Boi-Ukeme, Gabriel A. Wainer, Proceedings of the 2021 Winter Simulation Conference, Phoenix, AZ, USA - 2021 A_Workflow_For_Data-Driven_Fault_Detection_and_Diagnosis_In_Buildings.pdf
Publications in 2020
5- "A Framework for the Extension of DEVS With Sensor Fusion Capabilities", Joseph Boi-Ukeme, Gabriel A. Wainer, 2020 Spring Simulation Conference (SpringSim), Fairfax, VA, USA - 2020 A_Framework_for_the_Extension_of_DE.pdf

6- "Real-Time Fault Detection and Diagnosis of CPS Faults in DEVS", Joseph Boi-Ukeme, Cristina Ruiz-Martin, Gabriel A. Wainer, 2020 IEEE 6th International Conference on Dependability in Sensor, Cloud and Big Data Systems and Application (DependSys), Nadi, Fiji - 2020 Real-Time_Fault_Detection_and_.pdf
Publications in 2019

9- "O-TRAIN CONTROLLER USING DISCREET EVENT METHODOLOGY FOR EMBEDDED SYSTEMS", Joseph Boi-Ukeme, Gabriel A. Wainer, Vithika Joshi, Navneet Kaushal, 2019 SPRING SIMULATION Conference (demo Session), Tucson AZ - May 2019 148.pdf
Publications in 2018

11- "Modeling Oil Spill in Coastal Waters Using Cell-DEVS", Joseph Boi-Ukeme, Ngozi Silas Echegini, Gabriel A. Wainer, Proceedings of Summer Computer Simulation Conference, Bordeaux, France. - 2018 Modeling Oil Spill in Coastal waters Using Cell_paper.pdf

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