ARSLab Publications

Publications in 2010
321- "Simulation of Three Dimensional Elevator System Using Cell-DEVS Formalism", Mohammad Moallemi, Ali Arya, Gabriel A. Wainer, Proceedings of 2010 Spring Simulation Conference (SpringSim10), ANSS Symposium, page 11--18, Orlando, FL - 2010 3D_Elevator_Model.pdf

322- "Software Tools, Techniques, and Architectures for Computer Simulation", Gabriel A. Wainer, Olivier Dalle, SIMULATION: Transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International, Volume 86, Number 5 & 6 - May 2010 0037549710369877.pdf

325- "UAV Search Strategies Using Cell-DEVS", Keith Holman, Jeremy Kuzub, Gabriel A. Wainer, Proceedings of 2010 Spring Simulation Conference (SpringSim10), ANSS Symposium, page 192--199, Orlando, FL - April 2010 6_Final_Manuscript.pdf
Publications in 2009
326- "A DEVS-based End-to-end Methodology for Hybrid Control of Embedded Networking Systems", Gabriel A. Wainer, Rodrigo Castro, Proceedings of ADHS09: 3rd IFAC Conference on Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems, Zaragoza, Spain - 2009 ADHS09_DEVS-Admission-Control_Final.pdf

327- "A Performance Evaluation of the Lightweight Time Warp Protocol in Optimistic Parallel Simulation of DEVS-based Environmental Models", Qi Liu, Gabriel A. Wainer, Proceedings of the 23rd ACM/IEEE/SCS Workshop on Principles of Advanced and Distributed Simulation (PADS), Lake Placid, New York, USA - June 2009 LW2009.pdf

329- "A System-On-Chip FPGA Implementation of Embedded CD++", Mohammad Moallemi, Gabriel A. Wainer, Proceedings of Springsim 2009, San Diego, CA, USA - March 2009 M_M_FPGA_Paper.pdf

330- "Aircraft Evacuation DEVS Implementation & Visualization", Patrick Castonguay, Gabriel A. Wainer, Springsim 2009 (DEVS Symposium), San Diego, CA. USA - 2009 Aircraft Evac _DEVS 2009.pdf

331- "Cable-Anchor Robot Implementation using Embedded CD++", Keith Holman, Jeremy Kuzub, Mohammad Moallemi, Gabriel A. Wainer, Poster, SIMUTools Conferenc Poster Session Proceedings - March 2009 RTDEVSCableStayRobotMindstorms_posterpaper_final.pdf

332- "CD++ Repository: An Internet Based Searchable Database of DEVS Models and Their Experimental Frames", Rachid Chreyh, Gabriel A. Wainer, Proceedings of SCS/ACM Springsim 2009 (DEVS Symposium). , San Diego, CA - March 2009 cd++Repository.pdf

334- "Definition of an environment for model-based development based on experimental framework methodologies", Rachid Chreyh, Master thesis from Carleton University, Systems and Computer Engineering - 2009 RachidChreyh.pdf

335- "Development Tools and Techniques for Mobile Telecommunications", Olivier Dalle, John R. Heath, Gabriel A. Wainer, Eds. Special Issue for Mobile Networks and Applications (MONET) Springer Netherlands - 2009

337- "DEVS-Based Dynamic Simulation of Deformable Biological Structures", Rhys Goldstein, Master thesis from Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1S 5B6 - Sep 2009 Goldstein__MASc_Thesis.pdf

339- "Flattened Conservatie Parallel Simulator for DEVS and Cell-DEVS", Shafagh Jafer, Gabriel A. Wainer, 12th IEEE International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, Vancouver, BC, Canada - 2009 CSE09_Final.pdf

340- "Hybrid control of network embedded controllers based on DEVS (in Spanish)", Rodrigo Castro, Ernesto Kofman, Gabriel A. Wainer, Proceedings of XIII Workshop on Information Processing and Control (RPIC’2009). , Rosario, Argentina - 2009

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